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Master Employment Agency is your choice partner for your domestic employment needs. With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, we’ve been helping families and households living in Singapore find a Foreign Domestic Workers ('FDW') best suited for their need(s) and requirement(s), and helping our FDWs finding an employer suited to their skillset and preference(s). 

At Master Employment, our Foreign Domestic Workers (FDW) who hail mainly from Indonesia, Philippines and Myanmar, are carefully selected through a screening process, and we believe in proper matching. Master Employment Agency goes by the motto that if they will not hire the helper for themselves, they will not recommend it to their clients. With this practice, a desire to do proper matching, and many years of experience in the industry, Master Employment is proud to share that they have 0% transfer rate, and higher than industry average retention rates and satisfaction rates from their employers. FDWs are often reminded on moral values and courtesy, and to be diligent in acquiring the necessary skills required to perform household chores and care-giving to the aged, children and infants etc. Contact us today to find a suitable FDW today!

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Managing the entire hiring and employment processes as if we are hiring for ourselves. Trusted by Singapore Residents for more almost 2 decades

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