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Master Employment Agency is your choice partner for your domestic employment needs. With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, we’ve been helping families and households living in Singapore find a Foreign Domestic Workers ('FDW') best suited for their need(s) and requirement(s), and helping our FDWs finding an employer suited to their skillset and preference(s). 

At Master Employment, our Foreign Domestic Workers (FDW) who hail mainly from Indonesia, Philippines and Myanmar, are carefully selected through a screening process, and we believe in proper matching. Master Employment Agency goes by the motto that if they will not hire the helper for themselves, they will not recommend it to their clients. With this practice, a desire to do proper matching, and many years of experience in the industry, Master Employment is proud to share that they have 0% transfer rate, and higher than industry average retention rates and satisfaction rates from their employers. FDWs are often reminded on moral values and courtesy, and to be diligent in acquiring the necessary skills required to perform household chores and care-giving to the aged, children and infants etc. Contact us today to find a suitable FDW today!

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Managing the entire hiring and employment processes as if we are hiring for ourselves. Trusted by Singapore Residents for more almost 2 decades

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Our Testimonials

Thank you Master Employment Agency!

Cloudie Testi.jpg

I hired my Indonesian domestic helper; Fitri through Master Employment Agency with Ryan’s recommendation after he shortlisted a few domestic helper profiles based on my family’s needs. He never believe in sending me all the available datas as he advised that there’s never lack of resumes or biodatas available but finding the right match is another thing.

Thank you once again and for anyone looking to hire your helper for the first time, I highly recommend them as they will be able to guide you on the various aspects of the hiring process.

Thank you!

- Marvin and Cloudie 

HIghly Recommended, Good Service!

DIngneng Testi.jpg

Being totally new in this, we relied on Master Employment Agency's rich experience to recommend a suitable helper for us. Getting our requirements and doing filtering of many portfolios, and they recommended a helper to us. All the paper work was settled smooth and easy. As we are new, we were also given tips and advice how to help her settle down and work well with our family.

We are very happy with our helper. Started with some hiccups and miscommunication, things are generally fine so far, and she's very cooperative and hardworking. We are happy to have her helping out in our family. Thanks Master Employment Agency for the recommendations and all the advice. If you need a trusted agency to recommend you a good helper who fits your preferences, just look for Master Employment.

- Ding Neng and Valerie

Dedicated, Professional, and Sincere


Initially I wanted to choose another helper because I thought helper was too young and small size but on the day of finalising I decided to follow her recommendation. Fast forward till today, my Indo helper has been with me for coming 2 years and she will be renewing her contract with us. My family and I are very happy with Master Employment Agency’s recommendation and advice. Thank you Master Employment for the best services! 

P.S I previously had a helper from another agency with many outlets around Singapore and that helper gave me nothing but headache. I now strongly believe big names does not mean good name.

- Ms Karen Tan

Shares Good Advice

Khairul Testimonial.JPG

Thank you to Master Employment Agency for sharing on their take on employer-employee relationship. Employee retention is always a challenge whether is it in the Professional workplace or at a household. All I want to say it that I agree with them it doesn't matter where we are in life, what status we hold, but it's the mutual respect we have with our employee and helper, the communication, and mutual understanding that ensures a harmonious employer-employee relationship.

- Khairul and Nadia

Highly Recommended and Greatly Appreciated

Regina Testimonial.JPG

We highly recommend. A sincere agency which seeks to holistically understand your domestic needs, preferences before shortlisting potential suitable helpers for interview. Entire process was efficient and careful guidance was provided throughout each process. Greatly appreciate and thank you so much!

- Shun Xi and Regina

Excellent, Friendly and Responsible Service

Rusoon Testimonial.JPG

Thank you Master employment agency for your good recommendation as i engage a good Myanmar helper from you guys. Master Employment Agency’s service was excellent, friendly and responsible. I would definitely recommend my friends or relatives to you guys if they need to hire one.

- Mdm Lim Ah Kee

Good Fit and Good Matching!

Bella Testimonial.JPG

Master Employment Agency does not just recommend you any helper. They take effort to understand your household profile and requirements, and also pick a helper that would love to work for your household. It's the proper matching that ensure a lower transfer rate and higher retention rate that they are able to achieve!

- Bella Chan

Accommodating and Good Service

Shirley Lim Testimonial.JPG

First time engaging Master Employment Agency services. They are very accommodating and willing to go the extra mile for clients. Very good service! Most importantly thank you for helping us find a very good natured and kind helper! 🙏🙏

- Madam Audrey Bernadette Lim

Better Understanding, Better Match

Eddie Janice Testimonial.JPG

Being First-time employers hiring helpers, we were initially not sure of what is most important to us. By openly communicating with Master Employment Agency on our priorities, now I have Rhonaliza, a Filipino helper who eases my life a lot now! My wife has only compliments about her, and even my mother-in-law says good things about her! Thank you!

- Eddie and Janice

Dedicated and Motivated to provide a Matching Helper


Thank you Master Employment Agency for not just sending us many bio-datas but recommending us a suitable Myanmar helper Zar Chi Lin! 

Being first-time employers, I decided to engage Master Employment Agency who have been decades in the industry. As a pilot, my work schedule due to flights is uncertain, and we needed a helper who’s ok with having offs on weekdays and they managed to find one for us. Additionally, she’s someone  married with kids and love kids.

She has been a good fit to our family, and a great help for our kids and house chores. With that, I am able to focus on my work even when occasionally I am working from home. Thank you Master Employment Agency! 

- Jun Wei and Kim

Very Pleasant Experience!


First time engagjng a helper through Master Employment Agency with the referral by my friend. The staffs are very friendly and helpful in helping to source a good helper for me. I remember once, after confirming a helper who is coming in June, she last min back out as she mention she had family issue to settle. Upon learning my situation, they immediately source for another helper for me,  who is now my current helper. knowing that I need a helper urgently, he manage to get the helper to come out for employment on my proposed date. I higher recommend Ryan from Master Employment Agency, as not only he source many helpers for you to choose and interview, he also makes sure that the helper he engages meet ur needs. We all know, we will not be able to have a 100% helper, as my main concern for my helper is to take care of my young baby, i don't expect her to excel in other areas, but of course the basic must be there. As my current helper really take good care of my baby, i thank Master Employment Agency for sourcing for a great helper that reduce my work load. i would highly recommend Master Employment Agency to anyone who is going to engage a helper but have no idea to start from where. They will be able to assist you in anything you need, all you have to do is to interview and choose the helper that meet your requirement. Once again, thank you Master Employment Agency for engaging a good helper for me.

- Orchid 

Love the 3-way facilitated video conference interview!


First time engaging a helper and through Master Employment with the help from Ryan. Upon knowing that I would need 1 urgently and also am a first time employer, he sat thru with me in all the video call interviews. He knows that my 1st priority is looking after my child, he helped me out with questions that I wouldn't have thought of. I would highly recommend Master employment to everyone.

- Cassandra and Tommy

My mind is put at Ease!

Binchuan Testi.jpg

From the hiring process, to the after-service, to having a helper, my mind is put at ease and that is because I trusted and hired through Master Employment Agency! Ros has been a great help to our family and she loves our kids as well. Me and my wife feels safe to leave the kids home with her when we are out. I would like to thank Ryan for spending the trouble to shortlist candidates that are suitable for my family!! Btw Ros is first contract in Singapore so it’s really lucky to have got her as our helper!! We are also glad that she is happy here and would like to renew her contract. 😊

- Binchuan & Family

Thankful that I am not one of the horror stories I read

WhatsApp Image 2020-07-01 at

My helper has only been here about half a year but she's become a daily part of our lives. My kids are quite sticky to her and enjoy playing with her very much. She takes them to school and technically steps in to fill in the gaps where I'm too busy to cover; housekeeping, taking the kids to school, and playing with them. She also automatically helps out when we visit my mom so the family can don't do the dishes for the day. Or she helps to take in the laundry sometimes. Thanks Master Employment for getting us the right person, we were very wary at first cuz we heard so many stories.

- Rachael Sia

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