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Available Positions at MASTER

We are HIRING! But you have to be The One we are looking for.

Master Employment Agency only works with the best. Together we’ll find your perfect job. Our positions are mostly 80% work-from-home (WFH) or remote working arrangements and are attractively remunerated if you do well. So hit us up, especially if you are already experienced in the role.

Job Interview

Personal Relationship Manager (PRM)

Join our MASTER family as an experienced maid agent and become a Personal Relationship Manager with a modernized and restructured work approach. Enjoy the benefits of no retail hours, reduced job scope, and increased earnings!


- Remote work option from any location

- Attractive commission structure

- Competitive salary ranging from $3,200 to $12,000 per month.


- Maintain strong client relationships as a key focus. - Achieve high sales with support from the Matching Team ("MT") and Processing & Administrative Team ("PAT"), ensuring effective matching and processing of Migrant Domestic Workers (MDWs) for the Personal Relationship Manager (PRM). Requirements:

- Ensure that every WhatsApp message is carefully crafted before sending to maintain the brand's friendly and customer-centric culture at Master Employment Agency

- Respond promptly to clients' requests, messages, and phone calls, and follow up on missed calls as soon as possible

- Exercise extra caution during conflict management, as Social Media can significantly impact a brand's reputation, both positively and negatively


- CEI certificate is required

Interested candidates, please kindly  send your latest resume with photo, and CEI certificate through WhatsApp


Be part of our Matching Team

Work from ANYWHERE, Low Education Requirements, Decent income! Where to find? Be a Matcher with MASTER.

6 Easy Steps:

1) Shortlist Good Bio Profiles

2) Interview them to ensure they are really good (these are called the “Ready Bullets”)

3) Match to Ready Clients

4) Arrange and Schedule an interview ASAP

5) Facilitate a 3-way interview for a successful match

6) Confirm the Bio Profile This job is a 100% Work from Home/ Remotely position.


- CEI certificate is required

Interested candidates, please kindly  send your latest resume with photo, and CEI certificate through WhatsApp

Woman Typing

Processing and Administrative Team (PAT)

The PAT is sub-categorised into 2 main job scopes:

The Processing Team (“PT”) who is mainly in charge of online IPA Application & work permit issuance. This team is licensed to act on behalf of employers under the Singapore Employment Laws.

Administrative Team (“AT”) who will be in charge of 1) Purchasing the insurance (emailing) and preparation of 2) E-Issuance paperwork (soft-copy) and 3) Handover paperwork (hardcopy).

Responsibilities and Tasks Processing Team

- Apply IPA (accuracy of employer details and MDW passport details are very important)

- If rejected, let PRM know and PRM to work closely with clients so as to assist in the Appeal of the IPA.

- Liaising with Ministry of Manpower for requirements and appeals.

- Informing AT once approved.

- E-issuance of work permit once declaration form & SB has been duly prepared by AT.

- To send temporary work permit and  notice of issuance to runner team for thumbprint appointment

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