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Simple and Convenient Hiring

Perfect for busy adults

Master Employment Agency makes hiring a helper a simple and convenient way for you! 

All of us these days are so busy with work and family, and our leaves are so precious!  

Conventionally, hiring a helper means taking a full day leave and then going from agency to agency, putting down deposit and then burning your half day leaves again to go down to agency for fruitful or unfruitful interviews as very often the shortlisted helpers are not always readily and easily available for interviews mainly due to their connectivity and reception in their countries. Also, if the helpers are at their respective training centres, training centres are usually available only during working hours.

Now at Master Employment Agency, after knowing your pre-requirements (We have more than 15 questions for you), in the following days/ weeks we will be screening through all the datas and send u some Pre-selected bio datas to your needs.  And with the recommended profiles to you, if you like what you see, you can interview them immediately through the convenience of WhatsApp video call. (Working employers usually just need to sneak a short 5-10mins toilet break to interview the helpers). This saves a lot of time and they don’t have to take half day leave to come all the way down to agency to interview the helpers. 

Also, there’s no need for any deposit until you find and confirm a suitable helper. 

Upon confirmation, we will also send the helper all the way to your house at no extra costs to you! This is why our clients love the deployments of us which is convenient and fuss-free!

So! Contact us, we will get your requirements from you and from there... Enjoy the hiring process!  

Oh btw, we do video conference too, as some employers prefer us to facilitate the interview process 

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