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Refer a Transfer FDW Today!

Be rewarded through your referrals!

You can reach out to your friends who may wish to transfer away their *Foreign Domestic Workers ('FDW') due to various reasons (i.e. loss of income/ employment, kid(s) are grown up, elderly passed away, alternative care arrangements, migrating etc). 

To thank you for sharing good helpers, both you (the referrer) and the current employer will each earn $100 worth of NTUC vouchers! (Total value $200!) upon a successful placement. 

*Do note that it is important that the FDW has no outstanding loan, and current employer's consent is obtained.

8 Benefits

of transferring FDW through Master Employment Agency


Save on Return tickets

Employer(s) will save the costs of repatriating FDW home (i.e. air tickets etc)


Be Rewarded

Both current Employer and Referrer will each be rewarded with a $100 NTUC vouchers upon a successful placement.


Saves FDW Time and Sweat

FDW will be directly transferred to the next employer in Singapore and do not need to go through the many months of loan deduction phase again.


Proper Matching

FDW will be properly matched with an employer of her preference and skillset.

Salary Benchmarking

If justified, FDW's salary might be adjusted upwards to match her current experience level and skillset.


Saves on Food & Lodging

Employer do not need to bear the food & lodging expenses during the transfer period as FDW is not placed with an agency to transfer


Continual Help

Employer can continue to utilise the FDW to help her with the necessary chores until a prospective employer has confirmed her.



Employer is able to help FDW by giving a verbal testimonial to prospective employer(s) during interview(s) to secure a job.


Refer a Transfer FDW today!

Both the Referrer and Current Employer will each earn $100 worth of NTUC vouchers! (Total value $200!) upon a successful placement. 


1) Ask the employer to fill in this CONSENT FORM

(Remember to ask them to indicate you as the referrer.)

2) Then the employer to assist the helper to fill in the FDW DETAILS FORM

We are primarily looking for Foreign Domestic Worker ('FDW') with 2 to 10 years of working experience in Singapore with good employment record(s) (i.e. Contract(s) completion). 

T&C for voucher(s) eligibility:
(i) In the event that there are more than 1 referrers for the same FDW, only the first referrer is eligible.
(ii) The referred FDW must be emplaced to employers through Master Employment Agency.
(iii) The referred FDW must worked for the new employer for at least one (1) month.

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